Welcome:- We are a small and very friendly group and have a programme of walks arranged for most Sundays and Wednesdays. We walk in the Yorkshire Dales, South Pennines and in Lancashire, the rambles averaging about 8 miles - but to check distances in more detail please refer to the Walks Programme section of the Website. Although we have a total membership of over 100, the number actually going on walks varies between 6 and 20 - largely according to the weather! We have arranged socials which are shown on the Social & Special Events page,and, at least once a year, we have a midweek break, often at an HF house.

Current membership is £10.00 per annum. Anyone interested in walking with the Group -or attending any socials - is most welcome to join us, without initially taking out membership. 

 If you would like to become a member click on the highlighted links below :

Complete an Application Form  (2 pages) or

contact the Secretary or Treasurer for more details