We have been asked by one of our members to let people know about a footpath near Spring Woods,Baildon


Footpath from Low Springs to Spring Wood - Baildon

I wonder if you could help put the word out that the bridge from our land into Spring Wood has been removed, it had been damaged by floods and the countryside warden has taken it out today. Unlikely to be replaced until late spring. The stepping stones at the side remain but these are not ideal. Also the footpath at the side of our field (near where it was bridged over a few years ago) is also slipping, Countryside service made a quick repair today but again not ideal. It’s just so wet and the paths have been used so much.
We do not want any mishaps down here, Richard Perham was reluctant to put any signs up warning of problems but we are concerned. We don’t want it look like we are keeping walkers off footpaths, so would be grateful if walking groups could put the word out.


Many thanks


Rachel Coates


We will review the walking situation early in the New Year once we know what Tier we are in at that time and when we are aware of any further Government action after the relaxation over the Christmas period.




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