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Dingbats Wk 1

Click on the link here - see how many you can get. Answers  here

Dingbats Wk 2

Click on the link here Answers click here

Photos from Rachel Bennett

Lovely photos,from top of Baildon Bank,Knaresborough & Otley in Photo Gallery - Photos from October 2020

Fairy House

Take a look at the pictures and video of a brilliant Fairy House made by our clever Sue (Brewer) - on the Photo Gallery - Album from October 2020


Christmas Card List - poem  (sent by Irene Relton)


There is a list of folks I know

All written in a book

And every year at Christmas Time

I go and have a look

And that is when I realise

That these names are a part

Not of the book they are written in

But of my very heart


For each name stands for someone

Who has touched my life sometime

And in that meeting they’ve become

The “Rhythm of the Rhyme”

I really feel I am Composed

Of each remembered name

And while you may not be aware

Of feeling quite the same

My life is so much better than

It was before you came


For once that you’ve known someone

The years cannot erase

The memory of a pleasant word

Or of a friendly face

So never think my Christmas Cards

Are just a mere routine

Or names upon a list

Forgotten in-between

For when I send a Christmas Card

That is addressed to you

It is because you’re on that list

Of folks I’m indebted to


And whether I have known you

For many years or few

In some way you have had a part

In shaping things I do

So every year when Christmas comes

I realise anew

The biggest gift that God can give

Is knowing folk like you


 Look in the VIRTUAL WALKS sections for Bard Bill's New Year Message

Thanks Bill for keeping us entertained.



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