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Members Contributions

 You Tube - Yorkshire - familiar sights - June Brown - 5th April

Recipes -
 1 - Baked Eggs with Tomato & Parmesan - Brenda Pearson
 2 - Bruschetta - Brenda Pearson
 3 - Bobotie - A South African dish Brian & Judy Webb
 4 - Pears with Elderflower - Mavis Schindler
 5 - Mocha Trifle - Susan Hoyle
 6 - Scripture Cake - Shirley Winterburn

 7 - Chocolate Log/Roulade/Swiss Roll - Mavis Schindler

 8 - Churchill Swiss Roll - Shirley Winterburn

Can anyone else provide simple recipes with accessible ingredients

 Some local walk videos - David Brown 

See Photo Gallery - in David Brown local walks album


Pictures from Sue & Dave Brewer in the Photo Gallery - Garden Section
Sue has manufactured a Compost Heap
Dave has helped to provide the materials.  !!!
Pictures from Derek & Tina - Photo Gallery - Garden Section
Derek has been making raised beds
Photos of the garden - probably Tina's handiwork !
Walk 2 round Stoke Gabriel,Devon with Mavis 3rd May

Click below on the link

6 lovely flowers from David & Jennifer,taken in Jennifer's garden - in the Photo Gallery - Members Gardens

2 amusing Posters provided by Chrissie Smith - in the Photo Gallery - Members  Contributions 

Wartime recipes - provided by David & Jennifer 
click below to view

A corona version of a Nessum Dorma posted by Brenda Pearson
To listen,go into Photo Gallery - Members Contributions

Photo of Wisteria in Derek & Tina's garden - Garden Photos Album in the Gallery

Shirley's Apple Tree - Members Gardens Album in the Gallery

First Postcard from Singapore - Bill Heaps

The latest Postcard from Singapore - Bill Heaps 6th May

This Weeks Quiz - Each word ends in Nation - 7th May

Two more garden pictures from Mavis - in the Photo Gallery- Members Gardens

Some pictures of Bunting in the Gardens Album in the Photo Gallery
One from David & Linda and two from Rachel (Bennett)

A VE Day video reminder from Brenda - lest we forget - in the Photo Gallery - Members Contributions

Photos from David & Jennifer - Rounday - separate album in the Photo Gallery

A good video from Brenda - Realisation - click below
Video Walk 3 from David & Barbara (Brown) with Burdock the bear, a video created for their grand-daughter - who likes to watch it regularly
See the video walk with Burdock in the Photo Gallery, David Brown local walks.

This Weeks Quiz - spot the Hidden Bird - 13th May
click here for the anwers

Another local walk from David Brown - see his album in Photo Gallery

Mavis walk on Dartmoor,click below

Derek has posted a picture quiz - guess the country - that has turned up on Whatsapp. The answers are here,
They clues are in the Photo Gallery,Members Contribution Album March 20

This Weeks Quiz's & Answers
One from Judy & Brian Webb Answers here
One from Lorna - World War 2 - Answers here

Spot the difference
 The scene of our Virtual Walk leader (Bill) &  his sweet carrying & sweet wife (Carol)s garden.Can you notice the difference - had a visit from some storm,or a gang wearing balaclavas

Sue Brewers latest Creations - Photo Gallery - Members Gardens
You might recall the broken garden swing that was partly used to make a Compost Heap.
Sue has now used most of the remaining bits to make a Bug Hotel.
She has also made a Herb Garden from bathroom storage drawers

This Weeks Quiz's - 2 both about Yorkshire
Brenda's - click here for quiz & answers
Paul's (Mc) - click here for answers

Mavis photos of Dartmouth

Mavis photos the Dart Estuary & South Milton Beach - Devon

This Weeks Quiz's 3rd June
Brenda - Famous People - click here for answers
Paul Mc - Yorkshire Quiz 2 - click here & here for answers

Poem by one of our members, wishing to remain Anonymous - Daffodils
Click here

This Weeks Quiz (s) - 10th June
Brenda - General Knowledge - click here to see answers
Paul Mc - Name the Year - click here to see answers

Answers to Audio Quiz - Brian Webb - click here
This Weeks Quiz - Brenda - 3 of a Kind and Odd One Out 
Look in Photo Gallery - Quiz' - Answers click here 

This Week's Quiz - Brenda - 
Name which show the song came from - click here for answers

An amusing video sent by Brian Webb
click on the link.
 This Weeks Quiz - Three of a Kind & Odd One Out - Brenda Pearson
Click here for the quiz

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