Welcome:- We are a small and very friendly group and have a programme of walks arranged for most Sundays and Wednesdays. We walk in the Yorkshire Dales, South Pennines and in Lancashire, the rambles averaging about 8 miles - but to check distances in more detail please refer to the Walks Programme section of the Website. Although we have a total membership of over 100, the number actually going on walks varies between 6 and 20 - largely according to the weather! During the Winter we hold lectures/ socials and at least once a year, we have a midweek break, often at an HF house.

Current membership is £8.00 per annum. Anyone interested in walking with the Group -or attending an evening meeting - is most welcome to join us, without initially taking out membership. 

 If you would like to become a member click on the highlighted links below :

Complete an Application Form and read the accompanying notice or

contact the Secretary or Treasurer for more details

UPDATED - 05/04/2021

 Following a publication from Sport England we are advised that                  '' Organised outdoor sport and physical activity for adults can return, which will be exempt from legal gathering limits'' This to include Walking Groups.          A limit of 30 has been proposed and accepted by similar groups to ourselves. It is therefore no longer a requirment to make a BOOKING for any of the walking events